16 August 2010

A Shirt for my Husband

This is a shirt for my husband! The pattern is from my favorite book '男のシャツの本'(The book for mens' shirts), Italian-collared shirt on No.10.  This is very wonderful and the real sewing pattern book. Highly recommend! :-)

And I got this stripy fabric as cheap as 200yen at an outlet aparell shop!! Very economy.haha

 I like this style of collars!
back yoke

gray button holes, blue button thread

My husband likes it.


Carolyn said...

Beautifully sewn! He is a lucky man to get such a nice shirt.

Karin said...

Wow, it looks totally professional! Anata wa djoosu, ne!

taeco said...

Thank you!!
Yeah, he should realize he has a nice shirt and a nice wife :-)

taeco said...

Honto? Arigato--!!

Shirtman said...

Please go to www.mikemaldonado.com
to see what a real Italian collar shirt looks like