25 August 2010

KOGIN Embroidery & Shop Information!

This is a potholder  I made before.
This embroidery is Japanese traditional one called Kogin.

I love this too much to use as a potmat, its original usage.
I just display and love to see it. :)


After a long time, I have listed some new items on my etsy shop!

some sewing pattern books
and some beautiful laces

You can check books here and laces here!!
And unique lace zippers are also very popular. 

PLEASE VISIT MY SHOP!! Thank you :-)


Wiccat alias WiccaRonja said...

You have wonderful things to sell!
Greets Caroline

taeco said...

Thank you for your comment!
I'm selling some Japanese books and supplies. Good luck with your dawanda shop,too!!