30 June 2010

Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

I drafted patterns for this blouse, and sewed this as a trial. I used this soft and thin fabric which was only 100yen per meter.  But it is good enough to wear to go out. Yey!
( Yes, it's absolutely needed a camisole. )

These sleeves like a butterfly feature this blouse.  I saw this kind of sleeves so oftern while shopping that I tried to make it. How does it look?  It's gorgeous, isn't it? ;)

Now I need to  modify some parts of the patterns, and I will sew it again.

24 June 2010

Cozy Nighties

A month has already passed after the last post... I'm alive...My interests have been changing day by day, and gone so far from sewing so long...thus I didn't intend to sit in front of my sewing machines.....

After a long time, I made 2 nighties. Here in Japan, because of a rainy season, temperature and humidity are tooooo high even at night. Cannot sleep!! :( So I absoluterly needed some cozy and cool nighties!

The first one. 

  And the second. I used double-gause fabric.
I made it longer.

Neck details were changed a little.
I prefer the second one.


I started 'BIOTOPE'!!
Water-lily, which is one of my favorite flowers!, and some water plants are planted together in the bowl. Small fish, which is called Medaka in Japanese, is also swimming happily in the water.