22 October 2010

Cape Coat

This is a very famous sewing magazine named  'Misses's Style Book',  which is issued 4 times a year.  It has a lot of great sewing patterns, and they are based on ready-to-wear apparel clothes.  I love this magazine so much!

I decided to make this cape coat from this issue.

a hoodie cape coat
I have some big sleeved shirts like dorman sleeve shirts, and I don't have any jackets or coats on them, and I thought this kind of coat is very good for them.

When I finished to make patterns, I found the fabric piece I had planned to use for this was not enough. So I drafted a collar instead of a hood.

I put a full-lining, so it's very warm :)
I'm satisfied with the result!


18 October 2010

Made to Order!

I was very happy because I got a request for  a made to order bag! 

The buyer is a wonderful Japanese woman who have been working in America for many years.

I hope this bag will remind her of her home in Japan... :)

Thank you so much!


It's a very beautiful season here in Japan.

I love to go to parks on weekends.

my dog looks happy :)
I met a red dragonfly.
beautiful green

lovely moss

05 October 2010

They are good friends!

This baby monkey 'Miwa' has no mother and she behaves like a baby to this wild boar 'Uribo' , even though Uribo is also a baby yet.

At first,  Uribo didn't like Miwa. But they became friends by degrees.

Now they are always together even when they are sleeping. :)