22 October 2010

Cape Coat

This is a very famous sewing magazine named  'Misses's Style Book',  which is issued 4 times a year.  It has a lot of great sewing patterns, and they are based on ready-to-wear apparel clothes.  I love this magazine so much!

I decided to make this cape coat from this issue.

a hoodie cape coat
I have some big sleeved shirts like dorman sleeve shirts, and I don't have any jackets or coats on them, and I thought this kind of coat is very good for them.

When I finished to make patterns, I found the fabric piece I had planned to use for this was not enough. So I drafted a collar instead of a hood.

I put a full-lining, so it's very warm :)
I'm satisfied with the result!



by Jelena said...

Love your coat!!!

Stefani Sarah said...

You are right about big dolman sleeves shirts. A cape is a perfect solution to wear those shirts in winter. Your cape is so perfectly made I am so jealous. I have this issue of mrs stylebook but, really, this magazine is just way over my head.

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice coat. Can you tell us where we can find this magazine?

taeco said...

by Jelena:
I'm happy to hear you like my coat!
Thank you :)

taeco said...

Stefani Sarah:
Thank you for your comment.
Oh, you have this magazine,too! I think this pattern isn't so difficult, much easier than you expect. Just draft lines following the measurements. Why don't you try? :)

taeco said...
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taeco said...

Thank you for your comment :)
This magazine is available on my etsy shop.($13)
Please send me a convo via etsy when you want to get it! :)

karenco said...

Random passerbyer from burdastyle.. Love the coat! It's so well made!

taeco said...

Hi,karenco! Thank you! I can't wait for winter to wear this coat. :)

Kaith said...

Wow Taeco! Great coat! Those welt pockets on your coat looks amazing, if not perfect! Based on your recommendations, I think I'm going to check at Kinokuniya if they have this Mrs. Stylebook issue available. For sure I'm going to go gaga over those jackets they are featuring on this issue. ^_^

taeco said...

Thank you! ^^
I really recommend this magazine because it has a lot of hot and fashionable items (even though we need to draft patterns ourselves).
I hope you will find it at Kinokuniya! ^.^

Fika Audi Astari said...

wow very lovely coat of yours. do you mind if i ask you to tell me how to make pattern of that? im freshman in esmod and im looking for something to sew :p i really appreciate your reply/answer. xoxo


taeco said...

Hi Fika Audi Astari,

Oh, thank you for your lovely comment,Fika.
I really envy you learning at Esmod!

And I don't have good ideas how to show you the way to make this coat...
Please go and see this page ;
This is my another blog, and you can see the pattern image how I draft for this coat.
I wish it will help you..