18 October 2010

Made to Order!

I was very happy because I got a request for  a made to order bag! 

The buyer is a wonderful Japanese woman who have been working in America for many years.

I hope this bag will remind her of her home in Japan... :)

Thank you so much!


It's a very beautiful season here in Japan.

I love to go to parks on weekends.

my dog looks happy :)
I met a red dragonfly.
beautiful green

lovely moss


nette said...

These are really beautiful photos! And I love your dog! ^.^

About your comment on my post - Some parts of the leather I sewed with my machine. As long as I fold it only once, that was no problem. But the triangles for the corners, I had to sew by hand.

taeco said...

Hi nette:
I'm happy you like my dog.

Thank you for explaining about sewing leather. That's great, I have been thinking it is impossible to sew leather with machine until now... I'm going to get a nice leather piece!