26 January 2012

Free Patten! -Jumper Dress

Here is my newest free pdf pattern project! 

This is a simple u-necked jumper dress, which is very easy to make. 
And it's a knit fabric pattern -if you'd like to use non stretchy fabric, please make back or side opening with zipper or something.

I made mine 8cm longer than the default length, and it became just my knee length. (my height is 158cm)


pattern size 9 (japanese size M)  download
pattern size 11 (japanese size L) download
instruction ( in japanese only)      download
arrange ideas                           download


Available until the end of February. Thank you!

25 January 2012

Men's Zip Up Cardigans

It's a chilly, but beautiful sunny day today here in Japan!
But unfortunately curtains remain closed, because our apartment is under repair to fix cracks in the outside wall. It got damaged a lot by the repeated earthquakes.
More than 8 months have passed after the big earthquake, but it's still continuing.
We feel quakes a few times a week. I wish it will cease soon...


Now here are 2 zip up cardigans for my husband and my father!

for my father (size S)
This brown one is for my father. I got this knit fabric 100yen/m at ZAKZAK in Nippori. It is smooth and expansive velours.  Cheap, but nice fabric!

for my husband (size LL)

This time I used the piping foot for the first time! I got excited to find it so quick & convenient!

This book contains many simple and versatile patterns for men; T shirt, cardigan, jacket, pants and more. And same as the previous post, these patterns also include seam allowances.I really love this authors pattern books : )

pattern : 『ロックミシン・メンズークライ・ムキのLaLaLa4』
      (Overlock Sewing for Men  LaLaLa4  by Muki Kurai)
      ISBN 9784529045834

24 January 2012

T-shirt Trio!

Hi, how have you been? I've been pretty good, and had a nice New Year holiday with my husband and my dog.
Now it's the most coldest season here in Japan. Yesterday we had lots of snow for the first time this winter. I can't leave myself from Kotatsu all the day long. : (

Therefore, my sewing is so slow.
These are some of my creations that I've made until the end of last year.

zebra with two pieces of applique
star embroidery

an emblem on sleeve

They are made from the same pattern from a pattern book ;
ロックミシンで作る 大人のおしゃれソーイング (Heart Warming Life Series) 』 
 by Muki Kurai   ISBN 9784529048224

I changed the neck line and made sleeves and body longer.

I can highly recommend this book because it has simple and really easy & quick patterns to make, and especially patterns in this book originally include seam allowance, so no need to add it after trace the patterns. 

Love this star embroidery : )

26 October 2011

Dress -White and Navy

The othe day, I went to Nippori, the biggest fabric market town you know, and got some nice fabrics at very cheap price there!

Can you believe that this adorable fabric is only 100yen a meter?

I used the bi-colored dress pattern that I had provided until the end of last month. 

I really love this dress, and I'm going to wear this with vivid colored tights. :)

Knit x Leather = Cool!

I made this sweater for my husband using the same pattern which I used to make for my father-in-low. It seemed to be too simple for him, and I thought and thought.... and got a good idea!

I put small pieces of leather on chest and shoulder.

It is very cool, isn't it? :)

Leather Bow

from small leather pieces

15 October 2011

Gifts for our Parents

for my husband's mother
I don't know if you know or not, most of Japanese apparel shops sell clothes only in a few sizes - size 9 or 11.  So it's so difficult for larger or smaller sized people to get their clothes, and they can only choose them by size, not by design.

My mother-in-low is about size 13 or 15, and she complains about that. And she asked me to make her clothes.
I made this sweater as a girt for her birthday. It has very wide dolman sleeves, and I suppose it 's very comfortable and its beautiful color suits her very well.
I hope she will like it! :)

for my husband's father
And I made this sweater for my father-in-low as well. He is 10 years older than his wife, and he is sometimes misunderstood that he is her 'father' !  I hope he will look younger in this sweater.

for my mother

And my mother is also one of those people who have problems about getting their clothes.
She is very small, about size 3 or 5.
I measured her size in details when I met her about a month ago, and I made her personal sloper.
So this shirt fits her very well. She looked so happy with it, and asked me to make more clothes! 
I was so happy too to hear that.

Now, I MUST make my father's clothes as well... He sometimes wears women's T shirts. haha