19 July 2011

Funny Face

Something is strange with his mouth........

So funny...

But too cute!

He always makes me laugh and feel happy! :)

06 July 2011

Long Stole

I don't know if I can say 'I made' , but I'll say ' I made this stole.' :)

I got this fabric some years ago at Nippori. It is a very soft and thin crepe fabric. 
It had been left aside for long since then because it was a soft and thin crepe fabric which looked too difficult for me to sew.

These days it's terribly hot and humid in Japan.
So I needed a stole to protect my back neck from the strong sunlight.

Then I found this fabric was perfect to make stole!
I just cut the fabric in size 40cm x 200cm, and undid the edges.

It was very easy and quick, and I'm going to make 2 more as gifts for my mother and sister.