23 July 2010

New Sofa Cover

black in black... where is my dog?
I had wanted to get white covers for this sofa, which is dark and looks too stuffy in this season.....

So I went to a furniture store where I purchased it to ask about that.

They answered
 'About 50,000yen in amount, and it will take about 3 months'!!!!

Who can believe???!!!

Soon I measured each parts of the sofa, and drew plans, and purchased 10meters of fabric. (costed about 10,000yen)
I did it!! Yay!!!

Cute marimekko fabric :-)
Nanso fabric. Cool sheep

I feel refreshing, and I think it's summery! 
My room became brighter than before. I am so much satisfied with the result. :-)

I saved as much as 40,000 yen. I'm very proud of ME! :-)

13 July 2010

4/2010 Boyfriend Trousers #107 from Burda

'Boyfriend' Trousers from the pattern of Burda. 'Boyfriend' styles are very popular also in Japan, but a slightly different each other, I think.  Japanese Boyfriend pants have no tuck in the front. 

I thought it seemed to be complicated and difficult for me to make, but not so much actually. :) 
 These are loose, relaxed and very comfortable!!   Perfect for this season!

I love these details on waist; these double gold buttons and a wide waist band. So I won't wear belt with this.

08 July 2010

Free Pattern Information!

Tex Style Depots is one of my favorite online fabric shops. They sell really good quality products, and they often offer us free pdf patterns. They notified me by e-mail that they have released new patterns today! New patterns are for a sleeveless blouse and flower necklace.
You can check them out HERE!  And HERE are other patterns for autumn and winter.

Click a banner where I circled in red to download patterns 
Click a button in yellow to see instrctions.

OH, please note that they have only ONE SIZE, size M in Japanese size.

I wonder if you could understand my explanation.... becayse my English is not good enough :-(

Enjoy sewing !! ;-)

03 July 2010

Marine T-shirt

Recntly I have been trying to reduce my fabric stash... This is very rough and thin linen & cotton jersey fabric. I have kept it away because it seemed to be a little difficult for me to sew well.  To use it,  I decided to draft very, very simple pattern for it.

I really love the dorman sleeves, which is very easy to make  and is perfect to hide my fat upper arms... :)

And I made a bow brooch from the scrap.
It can be moved anywhere I like.  I also love put it on the back.  It's cute, isn't it ?  ;)