23 July 2010

New Sofa Cover

black in black... where is my dog?
I had wanted to get white covers for this sofa, which is dark and looks too stuffy in this season.....

So I went to a furniture store where I purchased it to ask about that.

They answered
 'About 50,000yen in amount, and it will take about 3 months'!!!!

Who can believe???!!!

Soon I measured each parts of the sofa, and drew plans, and purchased 10meters of fabric. (costed about 10,000yen)
I did it!! Yay!!!

Cute marimekko fabric :-)
Nanso fabric. Cool sheep

I feel refreshing, and I think it's summery! 
My room became brighter than before. I am so much satisfied with the result. :-)

I saved as much as 40,000 yen. I'm very proud of ME! :-)


SH said...

I am proud of you too! Good job! Your dog knows when to get into the spotlight. ;)

taeco said...

Thank you!
I can find my dog easily now... :-)

Tj said...

That is awesome! And I love your dog he has so much character (knows how/when to use his cute face huh?)

taeco said...

Hi Tj,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog!!
Yeah, my dog has a funny but expressive face, like a human being. I love him so much!