31 August 2010

Pleated blouse with lace trim

I used this pattern again! It looks similar to the previous shirt, but different a bit each other.

First, I made it shorter, a good length with a pair of pants. And sleeves are under the elbow length.

Second, I sew the pleats in a different way. ( i don't know how to call it in English...)

Third, you see, I added these lace trims.

I'm planning to make shirt dress from scallopped cotton using this pattern again! :)

27 August 2010

Birthday Shirt for my husband

My husband is going to have his birthday, so I made this shirt as a birthday gift!

I used the same pattern as the previous one because he likes it so much! ...Frankly, because making or tracing new patterns was annoying for me...  Please keep that in secret to him! :-)

a strong dog!

a dull dog...

25 August 2010

KOGIN Embroidery & Shop Information!

This is a potholder  I made before.
This embroidery is Japanese traditional one called Kogin.

I love this too much to use as a potmat, its original usage.
I just display and love to see it. :)


After a long time, I have listed some new items on my etsy shop!

some sewing pattern books
and some beautiful laces

You can check books here and laces here!!
And unique lace zippers are also very popular. 

PLEASE VISIT MY SHOP!! Thank you :-)

23 August 2010

4/2010 Tunic shirt with long sleeves

I fell in love with zickzack's shirt at first sight, and had made it in the next few hours!
Just a simple shirt
 I made it shorter, a blouse length.
To my regret, this fabric breathes very bad, just like a sauna suit!


I went to Matsumoto city in Nagano prefecture to visit Matsumoto Castle
It was crowded with so many people inside the castle ! There were many foreigners, too. I felt happy to see many foreigners have interests in Japanese architectures and cultures. :-)
called 'Crow Castle'

17 August 2010

My 2nd Boyfriend!

I got my 2nd boyfriend! Needless to say, that's about a pair of pants of course...:-)

I really LOVE this pattern!!

I used thin and smooth checked cotton fabric, and got very light pants as I had expected.
And I made it without front rounded yokes this time.

Uh..  I have to modify a position of the right belt loop...

I used a zipper that I had ripped out from my old pants to be thrown away. 
That's a small economy. :-)

16 August 2010

A Shirt for my Husband

This is a shirt for my husband! The pattern is from my favorite book '男のシャツの本'(The book for mens' shirts), Italian-collared shirt on No.10.  This is very wonderful and the real sewing pattern book. Highly recommend! :-)

And I got this stripy fabric as cheap as 200yen at an outlet aparell shop!! Very economy.haha

 I like this style of collars!
back yoke

gray button holes, blue button thread

My husband likes it.

12 August 2010

10min. Madeleine

Typhoon is coming.. It's windy terribly outside...D-:

Today I found a nice recipe for beginner!
Madeleine & Cappucino :-)
It took only 10 min. before baking. It was very easy even for me!

  100g flour, 1-2 tsp baking powder, 75g sugar, 100g butter, 2 eggs

1. Melt butter.
2. Preheat the oven to 180C.
3. Combine flour and baking soda.
4. Combine eggs and sugar with a whik in another bowl.
5. Add flour and baking soda into eggs bowl, and mix well.  
6. Add melted butter, and mix well slowly.
7. Pour into molds, and bake for 12min. That's all!
Easy & Yummy!

09 August 2010

Remade Dress

I tried to remake clothes for the first time! I have forgotton to take a before photo...what a silly!
This was a dress with boat neck and baloon sleeves that I made 3 or 4 years ago, which looked no longer out of date!
I removed the sleeves and cut neck line to make it wider, and made a bias tape from the sleeves.
I binded neck line and arm holes with the bias tape, and sewed my waist line with an elastic
I'm going to wear this dress as casual with a pair of leggins and a parka. :-)
can you see this elastic waist?

also goes well with this dressy cardigan
the last black berries.. see you on next summer!

08 August 2010

Steamed Cakes

A water-lily from Thailand bloomed!
Even though it's Sunday today, my husband has gone to his office... :(  Japanese people really work hard... When I had been a worker ( a kind of public worker),  I took only 2-3 days off a month.  At last, I was exhausted and got some troubles on my health, and I quitted my job. Now I'm a happy homemaker, thanks to my husband.

Mushi-pan, Steamed Cakes
I do love cooking, but I'm not good at baking caks and cookies.  I can only make a few kinds of them, and these on this photo above are the ones of them, Mushi-pan, steamed cake. It's very easy to make, and very healthy with a little oil.

1c flour, 1/2c sugar, 1tsp baking powder, 1tsp oil, 1c milk

1. Combine flour, sugar and baking powder in a bawl.
2. Add oil and milk into the bawl.
3. Pour into cups, and steam for 15min. That's all!

They look brown because I used brown sugar.