29 November 2010

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26 November 2010


I do love things and cultures proper to Japan. Foods, language, manners, arts, wears...and music!

As I have posted before, I have played the Koto which is one of the Japanese musical instruments since I was a small child.
I love not only playing it, but also listening to that sound. That beautiful tone always relaxes me...

I hope you all also like them! ^3^

16 November 2010

My first blog prize!

I got the first blog prize from Jelena, who is a creative, attractive and fashionable lady in Croatia! 

Thank you, Jelena! ^3^

The questions are next:
  1. Why did you create your blog?
  2. What kinds of blogs do you read?
  3. What is your favorite decorative cosmetics brand?
  4. What is your favorite clothes brand?
  5. Which product of decorative cosmetics is the most important to you?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. What is your favorite perfume?
  8. What is your favorite movie? 
  9. Which states do you wish to visit and why?
My answers are: 
1.  My first purpose of my blog is to make friends to have a chat about dressmaking! ! I have many friends in my real life, but no one of them is interested in it... 
And other reasons are;
To improve my English.  It would be a big help for me if you would correct my mistakes...
To keep my motivation for sewing.

2.  Sewing, home decorating, DIY, food recipes, and so on. I love seeing the people struggling to make something by themselves.

3.  I love Orbis's lip sticks,  Majolica Majorca's Mascara and Clinique's eyebrow powder. ^^

4.  I love Cynthia Rawley, Sunauna, Minaperhonen, though I have never bought them... just watching at shops.... To say truth, I usually buy my daily clothes at Uniqlo... haha.

5. cheek color and lip.. because my face always looks pale...

6. yellow

7. Clinique Happy

8. 'HACHI' --I can't watch it without crying... ah.....

9.  Pakistan -I want to learn to make Pakistan foods!
    Hawaii - I want to eat pancakes with plenty of whippedcream!
Budapest -I was impressed to see such a beautiful place..




I have listed this book. Very sweet book!
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10 November 2010

Mashiko Cearmic Market & Shop Information

I went to Mashiko Ceramic Market last Saturday. Mashiko is a small town that is very famous for ceramics wears 'Mashiko-yaki' , and a big market is held twice a year on May and November.
Mashiko is only two hours by car from Tokyo,  so many many people gather there every time.
I heard more than 350,000 people in 5 days this time!
Many people from foreign countries also were enjoying the market. ^-^

I love Mashiko very much.... full of beautiful natures, scenary unchanged since olden times, delicious food, and of course wonderful ceramics...

old wood and mortar wall
 karasu-uri  snake gourds


These two nice books will be listed on my etsy shop soon.

Please check it often!!

04 November 2010

Reversible Bag

this is a wong face

 I made this bag from the pattern made by verypurpleperson. Thanks for a nice pattern!

I found this fabric piece at an apparel outlet shop.
I liked the wrong face of this fabric as well, and I couldn't decide which side is better...

So I put an each face on each side of the bag.

right face

And I added a set of magnetic closure inside for security.
So this bag turned non-reversible actually... but not matter!


It was a national holiday 'culture day' yesterday, and was a beautiful sunny day!

My husband and I went to our favorite park with our dog.

The park is very vast, about a half of inner area of Yamanote-line in Tokyo I hear...amazing!

We walked and walked around the park (as long as 15km!) for our health,
and had mini-BBQ after that.  To eat outside is so much fun! ^0^

with Shichirin -Japanese styled small grill
We had a very happy day!

02 November 2010

brown tatami bag with a phone pouch

I have been making Tatami bags to sell on my etsy shop.
Only one sold at present, and the customer who received the bag told me that she loved it because it was beautiful and light. 
I was very very happy and felt relieved to hear that.... And that cheered me up so much! :)

I made an another.
This is a brown bag with a small phone pouch. 
I think it's versatile -- good for shopping, school, library and business.... 
I hope someone will like it!

Please drop in at my shop! :)