10 November 2010

Mashiko Cearmic Market & Shop Information

I went to Mashiko Ceramic Market last Saturday. Mashiko is a small town that is very famous for ceramics wears 'Mashiko-yaki' , and a big market is held twice a year on May and November.
Mashiko is only two hours by car from Tokyo,  so many many people gather there every time.
I heard more than 350,000 people in 5 days this time!
Many people from foreign countries also were enjoying the market. ^-^

I love Mashiko very much.... full of beautiful natures, scenary unchanged since olden times, delicious food, and of course wonderful ceramics...

old wood and mortar wall
 karasu-uri  snake gourds


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SH said...


There are a few things that I must do when I visit Japan.
-See sakura trees blooming
-Eat at Morimoto's restaurant
-Visit Ghibli Studio

It will be impossible to plan due to the timing of sakura and special showing in Ghibli Studio.
There are so many things to do in Japan.


taeco said...

Ah, I remember 'iron chef'! I didn't know that he is famous in America!
Will Ghibli studio be opened anytime? I think many people will gather there from all over the world at the time!

I hope you will come to Japan and do everything you want to do!
And one more, you should visit Nippori. That is a big fabric town ^^

SH said...


I will definitely add Nippori to my list! And a big luggage too! I am not sure if Morimoto is that famous in America but I am very impressed by his filleting skill (fish cutting).

by Jelena said...

Aww! I have ordered Pattern magic from Amazon a few days ago cause I liked it very much! Is the other book you are planning to sell similar to the Pattern magic?
PS I have given you a little prize on my blog so be sure to check it out :)

taeco said...

SH:I'm sure you will enjoy shopping in Nippori! ^0^

taeco said...

Oh, you have just got the book! It is really popular among many people all over the world. I have not done any projects from the book, but I can learn many things by just reading and looking at it.
The other book is an ordinary sewing pattern book for real clothing and not like 'Pattern Magic', I think.

And I'm very happy to have a wonderful prize from you!! Thank you so much!!