21 December 2010

knit dress & cardigan

I made this dress from wool knit fabric.

and this cardigan from the rest fabric piece.

The front part is wet with water to erase marks...


I made this cookie house using MUJI kit. 

It was a little difficult ,but a big fun!

02 December 2010

Work Coat

I did it! This had been left aside for long after cutting...

This pattern is from FEMALE( japanese sewing magzine), and the publisher Boutique-sha has started to sell PDF patterns online and each of them is only 263yen. How cheap! HERE
But they have no instructions, so we have to buy a magazine as well if you need. 
And to download them, you need to register as a member of rakuten.

I changed the sleeve pattern because it was too tight for me.... 
I changed the hight of the sleeve to make sleeve wider.

Actually, it was my first experience to use a open zipper. That was quite easy than I expected! 

This vertical zipper is a dammy....^-^
I added a adorable deer charm on zipper. 

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