02 December 2010

Work Coat

I did it! This had been left aside for long after cutting...

This pattern is from FEMALE( japanese sewing magzine), and the publisher Boutique-sha has started to sell PDF patterns online and each of them is only 263yen. How cheap! HERE
But they have no instructions, so we have to buy a magazine as well if you need. 
And to download them, you need to register as a member of rakuten.

I changed the sleeve pattern because it was too tight for me.... 
I changed the hight of the sleeve to make sleeve wider.

Actually, it was my first experience to use a open zipper. That was quite easy than I expected! 

This vertical zipper is a dammy....^-^
I added a adorable deer charm on zipper. 

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Enjoy!! (^0^)/~


by Jelena said...

Love the coat! :)
Many details like the zipper, pockets,buttons (I like that you didn't use regular button holes) make the coat very interesting! Great work :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks

Kaith said...

WOW! Again, you have outdone yourself! This is really a very beautiful coat. Are you sure you just started sewing? You sew like you've been sewing for ages! ^0^ I really love this. Great job, Taeco!

taeco said...

Thank you! This original design is too simple for me, so I tried to make it decorative a little. I like these buttun loops,too!

taeco said...

Ms Anonymous:
Thank you for leaving your comment! Welcome back again! :)

taeco said...

Thank you! I'm happy to finish this project.
Oh, I have been sewing for some years, and finished the course of dressmaking and patternmaking last year ^.^

Anonymous said...

Need to keep testing my blog. Not working as I want it to yet. Thx for the theme. Maybe this will get mine to look better.

Anonymous said...

Aku hanya menambahkan halaman web Anda ke favorit saya. Saya suka membaca posting Anda. Terima kasih!