29 April 2010

Tiered Long Dress

This fabric is wool gauze, which was only \500(about $5-6)! Yeah!
It is needed only one simple pattern, front and back are the same!

I used elastic band and hook-and-loop fastener for the waist belt. 
And I sewed with elastic thread as the same way to make shirring 
on waist line to avoid to be a maternity dress without the belt...

28 April 2010

Another Black

I drafted a pattern for this blouse as I referred to ' Lady Boutique'. It's a Japanese monthly sewing magazine, which gives me a lot of ideas and hints for making patterns. Very helpful for me! 

This blouse looks very classic, and also goes well with jeans or casual pairs of pants.

Top of fly makes V-line.
 I put white buttons with pink thread.
It adds colors on it. I love pink ;-)

And I made shirrings on the hem. This is one of my favorite techniques.

I used elastic thread for bobbin.
I would I had black one...but I like it because it's easy to make shirrings with it!

I had a lot of rain, and cold a bit today...
I can't wait for spring to wear this blouse!!:-)

26 April 2010

Black Hood Jacket

I made my hood jakcet from black linen.
 Pattern is my own original. :-)

I made a big mistake on the pattern as I posted on the other day.
I had to repair it , but fabric was left not so enough...
Sleeves became slightly shorter...
So I made it to be able to be rolled up.
I like it so much as a result!

 These buttons are from Overspill's shop.
They look like goid coins, and very cool, 
 I love them so much!

At first, I made all the buttuns on front these gold buttons,
but I felt it seemed too much.
So I put it on the top only, and used big black snaps for the others.

Strings are 'Edo-himo' , which is a kind of Japanese style code.
They are very smooth and shiny, and very strong!
Very useful!


I went to see Sakura this weekend.
There are a lot of Sakura trees along the river.

What a beautiful arcade!

My dog also enjoyed Sakura. :-)

24 April 2010

from Finland

I purchased some cute fabrics pieces from maili's shop.
This is one of them.

I sewed the edges to make it a table runner.
 How cute, isn't it??

It goes well with my alder dinning table!

23 April 2010

Something is wrong......

I could buy a good Linen fabric piece cheaply ,
so now  I have been making my drawstring parker jacket.

All I have to do is... just to buy buttons and strings.


I wonder something is wrong with their sleeves.....
They are curving toward back.
Are the front side and back side opposite? 


Now I remembered that I felt something was wrong when I drafted the sleeve pattern.
This is the pattern. You noticed the big mistake?
Back arm lenght must be longer than front one.
Of course I knew, but I paid no attention about that at that time.
I don't know why I did such like that! Too poor!

Today I'm going to cut stiches,
and draft a correct pattern again,
cut fabric again,
and sew again...

21 April 2010

Girl's balloon dress

This is my first article about my creations.
I have been learning dressmaking and pattern making.
They're so difficult, but also so much fun for me!!

Now I'm trying to draft some girls' clothes patterns.

I made this girl's camisole dress from dotted lavender fabric. 
How does it look?

It has balloon style skirts.
I used double-gauze as a lining, and it would be comfortable for kids.

I also love these shoulder strings.
They can be useful to be changed the length as the growth, I suppose.

Next project will be a raglan sleeve dress.
Now in Japan, it's the most beautiful season to enjoy watching many kinds of flowers!!
This is Kobushi, Magnolia kobus in English.
So beautiful!