28 April 2010

Another Black

I drafted a pattern for this blouse as I referred to ' Lady Boutique'. It's a Japanese monthly sewing magazine, which gives me a lot of ideas and hints for making patterns. Very helpful for me! 

This blouse looks very classic, and also goes well with jeans or casual pairs of pants.

Top of fly makes V-line.
 I put white buttons with pink thread.
It adds colors on it. I love pink ;-)

And I made shirrings on the hem. This is one of my favorite techniques.

I used elastic thread for bobbin.
I would I had black one...but I like it because it's easy to make shirrings with it!

I had a lot of rain, and cold a bit today...
I can't wait for spring to wear this blouse!!:-)


Karin said...

Very pretty! I'm going to London soon, I think I have to go to a Japanese shop and get me some Japanese sewing magazines!

taeco said...

Thank you!
Oh, are there any shops selling Japanese books in London?
I wish you will find some nice books!;-)