26 April 2010

Black Hood Jacket

I made my hood jakcet from black linen.
 Pattern is my own original. :-)

I made a big mistake on the pattern as I posted on the other day.
I had to repair it , but fabric was left not so enough...
Sleeves became slightly shorter...
So I made it to be able to be rolled up.
I like it so much as a result!

 These buttons are from Overspill's shop.
They look like goid coins, and very cool, 
 I love them so much!

At first, I made all the buttuns on front these gold buttons,
but I felt it seemed too much.
So I put it on the top only, and used big black snaps for the others.

Strings are 'Edo-himo' , which is a kind of Japanese style code.
They are very smooth and shiny, and very strong!
Very useful!


I went to see Sakura this weekend.
There are a lot of Sakura trees along the river.

What a beautiful arcade!

My dog also enjoyed Sakura. :-)


Karin said...

Very nice jacket, great work! And oh such pretty sakura... we still have to wait a couple of days for them to bloom here, but yesterday I noticed that the Magnolia kobus (Kobushi?) and Magnolia stellata on our courtyard have big buds that show a little white now, so soon the blooming-season will begin, I can't wait!

taeco said...

This is a rare kind of sakura that blooms later than the others.
You can also enjoy beautiful flowers around you soon!