21 April 2010

Girl's balloon dress

This is my first article about my creations.
I have been learning dressmaking and pattern making.
They're so difficult, but also so much fun for me!!

Now I'm trying to draft some girls' clothes patterns.

I made this girl's camisole dress from dotted lavender fabric. 
How does it look?

It has balloon style skirts.
I used double-gauze as a lining, and it would be comfortable for kids.

I also love these shoulder strings.
They can be useful to be changed the length as the growth, I suppose.

Next project will be a raglan sleeve dress.
Now in Japan, it's the most beautiful season to enjoy watching many kinds of flowers!!
This is Kobushi, Magnolia kobus in English.
So beautiful!


Karin said...

Very pretty dress! I will take inspiration for dresses for my nieces.
And the Magnolia is SOOO beautiful, I love it. Magnolia, Sakura, Ume. The first two I often make sure to plant here and there (I'm a landscape architect, so am very privileged in that sense, I can give my city more of my favourite trees!).

taeco said...

Thank you for your comment!
I'm happy to hear you like this dress and Japanese flowers!
Wow, a landscape architect! Very cool!
I think Sakura is the most beautiful flower in the world, and we can see a lot of Sakura trees here and there around in Japan this season.
I hope you can let people in your country also enjoy beautiful Sakura!