18 March 2010

UME -a Japanese apricot

I went to a park  named 'Kairakuen' that is famous for its big Ume garden.
Click HERE if you want to know about it.

Ume is full of blossom now, and so many people were enjoying seeing them.
Most Japanese people really love to see flowers and natures.
We have Ume this season, Sakura(Cherry blossoms) next month and autumn leaves in October and so on....

There were many people who were eating while watching.
So we also bought box lunches( we call it Bento in Japanese) ;)
Eating under the sun was so enjoyable! And Bento was very good :)
We had a very goood time...
I cannot wait for Sakura season!!


Karin said...

Ah, kirei! I LOVE ume no hana (and Umeboshi, and Ume-shu).
Very nice tree, I wish they could grow in Sweden, but I think it's too cold here...

taeco said...

I had never seen foreign people who like Umeboshi before!
and do you know some Japanese language? Have you ever been to Japan?

Karin said...

:-)! But I only speak a little Japanese.
I stayed in Tokyo for 6 + 3 months, worked in a bar (hostess light, with a very kind mama-san and nice customers) during a break in my studies (long time ago now, 1998 and 2000).
And I learned some Japanese then and when I returned to Sweden.
Tabun henna gaijin desu ;-)
I love Japan.

taeco said...

Oh,that's exactly what I thought!
You stayed in Tokyo for a long time!Great!!
Beautiful hostess-san,weren't you? ;)

We have some IKEA stores here in Japan, and Swedish and Scandinavian designs and styles are very very popular among Japanese ladies recently.
I also love them of course!!

Karin-san, Mata kitene!