03 February 2010


I went to  a fish market with my husband this Sunday.
It was about 1 and a half hours driving from my town... far a little.
Many people are making  a line to have raw oysters.

A big mountain of oyster shells!!
Most of Japanese people love them, but I don't like so much.
I prefer fried or boiled rather than raw ones....

Our purpose on this day was to eat flesh and delicious SUSHI! 
SUSHI is a kind of  famous Japanese foods, you know.

 We went Sushi bar near the market where we can eat them cheap...
We call this type of Sushi bar  "Revolving Sushi Bar".


Sushi comes automatically on the revolving velt covyer,
and I can select my own food..
 Very unique system!


I had a happy Sunday :)