04 November 2010

Reversible Bag

this is a wong face

 I made this bag from the pattern made by verypurpleperson. Thanks for a nice pattern!

I found this fabric piece at an apparel outlet shop.
I liked the wrong face of this fabric as well, and I couldn't decide which side is better...

So I put an each face on each side of the bag.

right face

And I added a set of magnetic closure inside for security.
So this bag turned non-reversible actually... but not matter!


It was a national holiday 'culture day' yesterday, and was a beautiful sunny day!

My husband and I went to our favorite park with our dog.

The park is very vast, about a half of inner area of Yamanote-line in Tokyo I hear...amazing!

We walked and walked around the park (as long as 15km!) for our health,
and had mini-BBQ after that.  To eat outside is so much fun! ^0^

with Shichirin -Japanese styled small grill
We had a very happy day!


by Jelena said...

I think we all made this verypurpleperson's reversible bag sooner or later :) For me it was just something I had to try! LOL
Love your choice of fabrics!

nette said...

What a lovely bag. The fabric really is beautiful on both sides. That you used both of them somehow makes it a reversable bag, too. hihi
I love bbq. Is it still that warm in japan? It would be quite too cold here in Germany to have bbq in these days.

taeco said...

by Jelena: That's right, we all burda people love this pattern...I think it's so simple but very nice pattern. I'm going to make it from various fabrics! I'm waiting for your version. ^^ Thank you!

taeco said...

nette:Ah,it's reversible in another meaning! I noticed that just now!
Thank you~

In Japan, it's getting colder day by day, but still warm enough to have BBQ.
We couldn't go out during summer because it was horribly hot this year. So we are enjoying activities outside now. ^-^

SH said...

Taeco, thank you for commenting on the Teddies. Keep up the good work on creating more bags and stay warm too!!

taeco said...

SH:Thank you so much for encouraging me! I really envy your sense of creations!