13 July 2010

4/2010 Boyfriend Trousers #107 from Burda

'Boyfriend' Trousers from the pattern of Burda. 'Boyfriend' styles are very popular also in Japan, but a slightly different each other, I think.  Japanese Boyfriend pants have no tuck in the front. 

I thought it seemed to be complicated and difficult for me to make, but not so much actually. :) 
 These are loose, relaxed and very comfortable!!   Perfect for this season!

I love these details on waist; these double gold buttons and a wide waist band. So I won't wear belt with this.


Wid Heart said...

wow!! i love it! xx

taeco said...

>Wid Heart
Thank you!

marion said...

super beau ! I love it

taeco said...

Thank you!
I love these pants!