30 June 2010

Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

I drafted patterns for this blouse, and sewed this as a trial. I used this soft and thin fabric which was only 100yen per meter.  But it is good enough to wear to go out. Yey!
( Yes, it's absolutely needed a camisole. )

These sleeves like a butterfly feature this blouse.  I saw this kind of sleeves so oftern while shopping that I tried to make it. How does it look?  It's gorgeous, isn't it? ;)

Now I need to  modify some parts of the patterns, and I will sew it again.


SH said...

Those sleeves are so romantic! I enjoy the rest of your work too. Have a nice day! ^^

taeco said...


Thank you for your comment! :)
I'm also enjoying your blogs.

Karin said...

Yes, it's gorgeous! I want more time to sew now :-)

taeco said...

Thank you for visiting here!
I'm enjoying your blogs, especially your kitchen! I really love korean foods! I'd like to learn recipes much more! ;-)

taeco said...

I have enough time, but all I need is a drive.... too hot to sew!!

Anonymous said...

hi i love this butterfly blouse of yours.. could you teach me how to do this? i really really want to know how to do it but could not find any site to help me how to make it like yours.. hope you could help me. thanks a lot