24 June 2010

Cozy Nighties

A month has already passed after the last post... I'm alive...My interests have been changing day by day, and gone so far from sewing so long...thus I didn't intend to sit in front of my sewing machines.....

After a long time, I made 2 nighties. Here in Japan, because of a rainy season, temperature and humidity are tooooo high even at night. Cannot sleep!! :( So I absoluterly needed some cozy and cool nighties!

The first one. 

  And the second. I used double-gause fabric.
I made it longer.

Neck details were changed a little.
I prefer the second one.


I started 'BIOTOPE'!!
Water-lily, which is one of my favorite flowers!, and some water plants are planted together in the bowl. Small fish, which is called Medaka in Japanese, is also swimming happily in the water.


Karin said...

Ohohohoh, gasp! I've envisioned JUST that for a shady corner of my balcony... it's so so so pretty! I love waterlilies too... especially in that colour (or white).
The nighties are nice too, I agree, the second one is prettier.
But oh, I could never wear anything more than underwear when I sleep in summer, and in Japan, aaah, it's so hot! I'm impressed by all who wear nightgowns.

taeco said...

Yeah, you are right! I don't want to wear anything in fact!
I can't sleep(and live) without air coniditioners any longer...

I'm really enjoying these small water gardens, it heals my heart so much... :-)
But waterlilies need much direct sunlight and high temperature, therefore I suppose it's difficult to grow in your country. My balcony is shady a little and bad location for them..

Karin said...

Mmm, I can probably not grow japanese water-lilies here (though I'd love to...), I'll have to choose something scandinavian or north american, we have beautiful white ones here that rest on the surface. I think they could work in shade, but they are too big, hm, I'll have to search (AND search for a big water-barrel that's suitable for that corner of my balcony!).

taeco said...

I hope you find a good one for your balcony!
Now I have a Thai water-lily, it smells very wonderfully :-)