30 June 2011


It has been terribly hot recently...this is the hottest June ever! Nevertheless I can't turn air conditioners on to avoid 'black out' by the lack of electricity.
My dog is very weak in heat and always wandering and seeking for the cooler place.


I bought this fabulous melon for only 280yen at a supermarket. 
This kind of melon is usually too expensive to buy by myself, but very cheap this year!

That's because the influence of radiation...sadly.
This melon came from Ibaraki, south next to Fukushima.
It's safe, but many people avoid them to eat. Of course I can understand that people who have small children and are going to have babies are worrying about that so much, and I would do so if I were a mother. I hope you readers can understand that  I don't intend to critisise them.
Now, what I want to say is that this is a rare chance for me to get delicious fruits very cheap :)

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