02 June 2011

Bird Shirt

I got this cotton fabric from ikea at 299yen/m.  How cheap!

There are variety of plants and birds. Very unique fabric!

I was thinking to make cushion covers or something, but it turned my shirt instead.

 I drafted this shirt pattern myself.

It looks a nice shape, fits me very well and is very comfortable to wear.
I thought I did a good job. (^.^)

Now I'm training pattern making harder to get a lisence of dressmaking instructor, 
and  I'm planning to open my own pattern shop in the near future.


I have my another blog in Japanese.  here


Andrea said...

Cute shirt!

Sharon said...

Your shirt looks very well made Tae! You are a very clever lady!!! Good luck with your pattern shop and dressmaking instructor license!

molly said...

cute print!

taeco said...

Thank you, Andrea!

taeco said...

Thank you, Sharon!
Oh no, i'm not clever...just love sewing. :)
I will do my best to get the lisence!

taeco said...

Thank you, molly!