08 June 2011

Economic Shirt

I was very lucky to meet a grab-bag sale at a business shirt shop, and got lots of meters -maybe approx. 15-20 meters of shirt fabrics at only 500yen!

I made an Italian collar shirt for my husband from one of these fabric pieces.
Buttons came from a shirt that he was going to throw out. Fusible interfacing cost the most. :)

This shirt doesn't wrinkle after washed and spin-dried.
Cheap, but perfect fabric for shirt!


Sharon said...

Hello Tae, I love your new look blog! Your husband's shirt looks great. Did the buttons come from a shirt that you were going to throw out? And no ironing?? Very good!!

taeco said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm glad you like my new look blog!
And thanks to your comment, I corrected my sentence :) Very helpful!