15 October 2011

Gifts for our Parents

for my husband's mother
I don't know if you know or not, most of Japanese apparel shops sell clothes only in a few sizes - size 9 or 11.  So it's so difficult for larger or smaller sized people to get their clothes, and they can only choose them by size, not by design.

My mother-in-low is about size 13 or 15, and she complains about that. And she asked me to make her clothes.
I made this sweater as a girt for her birthday. It has very wide dolman sleeves, and I suppose it 's very comfortable and its beautiful color suits her very well.
I hope she will like it! :)

for my husband's father
And I made this sweater for my father-in-low as well. He is 10 years older than his wife, and he is sometimes misunderstood that he is her 'father' !  I hope he will look younger in this sweater.

for my mother

And my mother is also one of those people who have problems about getting their clothes.
She is very small, about size 3 or 5.
I measured her size in details when I met her about a month ago, and I made her personal sloper.
So this shirt fits her very well. She looked so happy with it, and asked me to make more clothes! 
I was so happy too to hear that.

Now, I MUST make my father's clothes as well... He sometimes wears women's T shirts. haha


Andrea said...

Beautiful garments, and so nice of you to sew for your parents and your husbands parents.

Sharon said...

Oh you are so clever Tae!! Your parents are very lucky to receive such lovely presents. :)

taeco said...

Thank you, Andrea! They seed happy to get them :)

taeco said...

Thank you, Sharon!
They like them so much, and asked me to make more clothes for them!

Hollister Sutton Family said...

I have been searching for a pattern with dolman sleeves and cowl neck and here you have a perfect one! Is there a way to get a pattern?

taeco said...

Hi Hollister Sutton Family,

This pattern is from a Japanese sewing pattern book.

Heart Warming Life series Muki Kurai
ISBN 978-4529048224

I hope these informations help you!
Or if you'd like to get it, please contact me via my etsy book shop.