29 September 2010

Tatami Bags

I have 2 etsy shops, one is for handicraft supplies and books, 
and another is for my creations.

I'm thinking about to create something special only in Japan,
and at first I made some stuffs from kimono pattern fabrics.
But at that time,  there already were too many etsians (even non-Japanese people) who were selling the similar things...
And second, I started to use japanese kawaii  fabrics to make pouches and something like that.
I loved them but in fact it was a little boring to me because it was not what I really wanted to do...

Then I stopped to make stuffls to sell,  and
I had been roaming, wandering, searching for any good hints for a long time...

and... finally I found this out!
What do you think this bag is made from?

The answer is ...  Tatami !
You know Tatami is the flooring made from straw. 
Each tatami mats has edging on the long sides,
and this is made from the edging material of tatami.

Who can believe it's made from flooring materials?

  It's unbelievably light and tough!
Grossy, smooth, sturdy and slightly transparent.
Very unique texture...  ah, too difficult to discribe...!

Please visit and see my creations HERE!


Kaith said...

Wow! The bags are all pretty, beautifully made and very modern, did you make all of them yourself? Truly talented! It reminds me of the Abaca-weave bags they sell back home. I think I have to be extra extra nice to my husband so he'll let me get one from your store. LOL!

taeco said...

Hi Kaith,
Yes, I made them myself.
I'm so happy to hear you like these bags, and thank you for visiting my shop :) I know Abaca, we see many Abaca products also in Japan!

Tj said...

Hiiii! I just came here via the postage link you just sent me. What beautiful creations, you are really talented!