09 September 2010

Shirt Dress, My 3rd Version

This is my 3rd version from the pleated tunic dress pattern.

very adorable scalloped cotton
I added a belt, because it looked a maternity or something when I wore with nothing....

I prefer to wear it in this way to be a light jacket with a belt tied backside !

I'm really satisfied with this pattern! :)

BUT  I'm wondering if it looks like a nighty...
If so, I'm thinking about dying to change the color.... What do you think???


Tj said...

Taeco this fabric is so beautiful!

Little Brown Bird said...

Taeco - That fabric is beautiful. Do you mind me asking where you bought it from?

Thanks :)

taeco said...

Hi Little Brown Bird,
I bought this fabric from a Japanese fabric web shop Nomura Tailor. They have variety of fabrics, and really nice shop.


But unfortunately, this one can't be seen now...maybe sold out.

You can see other kinds of scalloped fabrics here: