13 May 2010

Crinkled Dress

 I used the same pattern as a tiered long dress I made before.
This time fabric was short a bit, so I made it a knee-length dress.

I added this frill on the top of front, and I like it so much. :-)

Can you see this crinkle? I made it by myself!

At first, it was TOO voluminous just like the pregnant or a baloon !
(OH, I should take a before photo... what a stupid.. )
That was just because the fabric was stiff a bit.

I was thinking how to do with it, and I remembered a wonderful idea!!

  I got a dress wet in the water, made it twisted,
and left it under the sun one day.
 Just did this.

I got a good fit!!
I was satisfied with the result so much.

I highly recommend this way, but please note it can be only for cotton.
And do the same when you wash it.



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Anonymous said...

I like the idea to crinkle the dress. Is it so you have to do it every time it is washed. i like the shape also.

taeco said...

Thank you for your comment! :-)
Yes, I have to do so everytime washing, but I like this way.
And it can make easy wears more dressy, I think.
Please try if you have opportunities.